Adyghe State University, (addr. Maykop, Republic of Adygea) will host a workshop “Innovative concepts in Adyghe Language teaching within a multilingual environment”. Dates requested: November 20-22, 2019.

National academic community and public figures have expressed their growing concerns considering the present state of Adyghe languages and focal narrowing of their habitat. Native language teaching is based on out-of-date methods and thusly has exhausted its potential. Consolidated efforts of ethnically charged intellectual elite, capable of fueling and devising innovative projects and methods may exhibit an impact on keeping the linguistic status quo and further native languages development. Any language with aims of surviving in the present day realities within high-tech information society has to prove itself trend worthy, compelling and highly competitive.

The conference pursues the following aims. First and foremost, to establish an international scientific community of researchers and teachers in order to both develop and promote ground-breaking concepts and methods of  learning Adyghe languages within the  framework of existing educational reality.

Moreover, the conference is intended as a platform for educational and factual experience exchange on an input-and-output basis, concerning implementation and approbation of innovative methods in Minority Languages Teaching, specifically Adyghe Languages.

Conference Organizers:

Adyghe State University

Faculty of Adyghe Philology and Culture

Conference Languages:




Primary areas of focus:

  • Adyghe Linguistics issues and status.
  • Innovative concepts in Adyghe Language Teaching.
  • Aspects of Minority Languages Teaching.
  • IT and Ethnolinguistics.
  • Creative writing and fiction translation as forms of language culture actualization.
  • Language as ethnical information asset.